PCI certified way to collect credit card data without charging the card

Use Vault, the truly PCI certified data storage that lets you securely save, store, and retrieve full credit card details including the CVV so you can charge your customers later.

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Collect credit card information including the CVV safely with PCI DSS compliant EmailMeForm Vault

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How Vault works

When collecting, storing, processing, or transmitting credit card data, you must follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or simply, PCI DSS. Many claim that they are PCI compliant, but they don't allow their forms to gather credit card information because they aren't certified — they just integrate with gateway processors for automated payments. Check how Vault is different by watching the video.

EmailMeForm is certified by TÜV Rheinland, fully compliant with PCI DSS, and powered by AWS and Cloudflare.

We're the only PCI certified
form solution

When collecting complete credit card numbers, CVV codes, and other sensitive data, EmailMeForm is the only form builder to use. Unlike other providers, we have achieved a Level 2 PCI Certification—a full-scale audit validated by TÜV Rheinland, the PCI SSC qualified security assessor. That means, we're certified to securely gather the credit card details and not just integrate with payment processors.

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Save credit card details for offline processing

With Vault, you don't have to request your customer's card information for every payment. It's safe to save the credit card details and other information for later use so you can create subscriptions or future one off charges. It's more convenient for you and your customers this way.
Here's how this transaction happens with Vault:

Amelia is interested in signing up for a membership

She finds your website and fills out your membership form embedded on your website.

She reviews your membership plans

She opts for the quarterly installments billing option. She opens the "Terms and Conditions" link before agreeing to authorize your organization to charge her card.

She signs up and provides her card details

She digitally signs your form on her phone to allow offline processing on her card. Simultaneously, your team is notified of her application.

Application is processed and Amelia is billed

Your team processes her card and application to set up a quarterly plan.

An invoice is generated and sent off to Amelia

A copy of the paid invoice is sent to Amelia's inbox with a welcome message of her membership with your organization.

Explore workflows

If you're looking for integrated payment solutions with payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, and Square, you can check our Payment Forms. You may also reach out to CustomWorks for more help on integrations.

Instant compliance for all businesses

With Vault, you can easily become compliant whether you are a startup or an established company. Vault is a PCI Level 2 Compliant web form provider and can help you with internal compliance initiatives.

Starter PackagesPay As You Go PlansTeams Plans
For affordable protection
For busier seasons
For safe and compliant user access
Starter Packages
For affordable protection
Pay As You Go Plans
For busier seasons
Teams Plans
For safe and compliant user access

Have peace of mind using secure forms.
Like them:

What else can you do with Vault?

Win customer trust at a glance

Show customers that you only use accredited payment solutions that protect their privacy. With the Vault seal, you ease them into sharing their sensitive info through your forms.

Convenient update of information

Expired credit cards can really disrupt your services. Give clients an easier way of updating their credit card information, so you can also update the billing information for them.

No more expired payment links

Are your customers tired of expired billing links? If you get their credit card information, you can process the payment on their behalf.

Protect your business

Get instant compliance for your company, no matter what stage your business is in. PCI fines could go as high as $500,000 per incident and nobody is immune to getting breached.

Skip huge platform fees

Still relying on 3rd party payment apps that cut off significant amounts from your profit? Skip those fees and charge your clients’ cards directly.

Smooth system upgrades

Vault is flexible enough to be integrated with your current workflow. You can easily adopt it into the system that you already have.

Vault FAQs

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or simply PCI is a set of strict rules and requirements for bodies that collect personal data and process payments online. These rules dictate how these sensitive data should be collected, stored, and transmitted on the Internet.

So if you're gathering credit card information from your clients and intend to charge their credit cards on their behalf, you will need to comply with PCI.

Yes, EmailMeForm is PCI certified. We have worked hard and sought the certification. We have been certified for Level 2 PCI Certification since October 2018. This means that we are a form builder that has passed stringent requirements set by the PCI Security Standard Council recognized worldwide. We have the systems, processes, and tools that let you collect, store, and process credit card information securely online.

To join our exclusive Vault Program, fill out this form right here or talk to our customer support to request a Vault trial. Existing users can directly upgrade to a Compliance Plan here.

Our Beginner Vault Plan starts at just $20 per month! Small team and agency plans are also available. Please sign up and contact us for detailed pricing.

The credit card information that you have collected will be stored in a secure cloud that is separate from our current database. The data will remain there until you delete it.

You can upgrade to a PCI compliance plan here.

Yes. We require that you refrain from using the number field or any other field other than our Vault-protected credit card field when collecting cc info. This puts your clients – and your business – at risk. Violation fines for businesses that collect credit card information but do not abide by PCI compliance can be up to $10,000 per month.

As a PCI certified form builder, it is only necessary that we enforce strict PCI compliant practice.

You should switch to the Vault credit card field as soon as possible. Please log in and reach out to us so we can immediately assist you in updating and migrating your forms to become PCI compliant.

Yes, of course. We have our CustomWorks specialists who can do the migration for you.

With a PCI compliance plan, we're sure that all the doors of potential attacks are tightly locked. Here are the security perks that come with it:

  • Strong Password. Before you enter your Vault-enabled account, you will be asked to choose a stronger password.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Second step is setting up MFA which requires you to use special codes when logging into your account. You will find step-by-step instructions on how to activate MFA on your next login.
  • Credit Card Field. You will find access to our certified PCI Vault credit card field inside the EmailMeForm form builder. Just drag it to your form and test the submission.
  • Secure Vault Storage. Once you start receiving credit card information from your forms, they will be stored in your secure Vault. You can retrieve it only from your account. The data will not be sent via submission notification emails.

Offer flexible payment schemes with Vault

Safely collect credit card data and offer "pay later" terms for your clients

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