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EmailMeForm helps virtual teams remain effective beyond distance through a secure and easy way of data collection and processing.

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Teleworking the EmailMeForm style

Productivity guaranteed. We'll help you operate conveniently, free from limitations imposed by the traditional way of doing work.

Process payments online

Collect customer payments online through major payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Square and Or collect credit card data for offline processing.

Collect e-signature

Online authentication of documents includes your e-signature. Capture signatures for verification of any purpose without the need for a face-to-face meeting.

Share Files Securely

Adhere to data privacy despite the limitations. Use encryption when transferring important documents. Store everything in our centralized, secure cloud storage.

Collaborate Easily

Better approval management for teams working apart. Add or delete users to your workspace. Modify their viewing and editing access for safer controls.

Establish Remote Workflows

Rebuild disrupted systems and workflows using EmailMeForm and integrate with other remote web apps for optimum productivity.

Control Security and Compliance

People working remotely are easy targets for hackers. With EmailMeForm’s enterprise-level data protection and global compliance, we can still keep your company and customer data safe.

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Going remote?

Here are some forms to help you start the digital transition.

Form cover

Online Order Form

Form cover

Website Contact Form

Form cover

Credit Card Authorization Form

Form cover

Loan Application Form

Large Business
Form cover

Car Maintenance Log Form

Form cover

Job Application Form

Large Business

Manage your remote workforce better

Create online forms to optimize the work.

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*Worried about cybersecurity when employees are working from home?
Visit our Compliance Page to learn more about our compliant architecture and security reinforcements.