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Global Language Localization for Form & Surveys

Would you like to reach a broader audience? Need your forms and surveys in different languages? What if your users don't understand your error messages in English? Maybe you simply wish to connect with your users using plain and friendly language.

Apply our new language and custom validation settings to your form. Use your own language, tone of voice and style.

Automatic Error & Message Translation

Select your language for forms or surveys.

We offer over 40 languages to choose from. Simply select your preferred language from the drop-down menu in your Form Settings. You may apply your preferred language to the entire form.

Custom Validation and Text

Enter custom validation text to notify users of incorrect entry.

Have unique language requirements for your error messages? Enter any text in any language to display error popups to your users. If you want to warn users that one of their fields is required, go to Custom Validation & Text settings, simply enter the text you wish to be shown, scroll down and save. This way your validation text for the required field will be set.

Multitude of Options

We provide you with over 40 ready-to-go language templates to choose from.

If you don't have unique language requirements and simply want to enter custom text for your error messages to appeal to your users, we also have you covered.

  • Sample calendar in Spanish
  • Sample modified required fields in Simplified Chinese
  • Totally custom Error Messages