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Surveys are often viewed as boring. Kick that “boring” survey reputation to the curb. Create engaging and easy-to-build online surveys that can be shared via your webpage, social media, or email.

Drag & drop survey-specific fields

From start to finish, create your own online surveys even if you have zero programming knowledge.

Build your very own online survey form using our drag and drop fields. Within minutes, you’ll be ready to launch a fully functional survey form.

Survey-specific fields built to make your life easier

Likert Field

This is the most common questionnaire format field convenient for a long series of questions. Makes your surveys quick to fill in and well-organized.

Checkbox Grid

The checkbox grid can be used when you want to accept multiple answers per question. For example, a series of product characteristics.

Star Rating

Easily implement this complex form field into your surveys. Star rating is the nicest way to get quick feedback from your customers.

Scale Rating

Scale rating is a very commonly used tool in marketing for customers to rate their experience.

Text List

When you wish to receive user input in the format of a list – recipe ingredients or event participants, for example – use the Text List field.

Number List

If you'd like to gather a list of numerical values you can use the Number List field. It allows you to get multiple numbers as one entity.

Text Area List

If you need your users to enter a series of statements or descriptions in your survey – the Text Area List field is a perfect match.

Dropdown List

When you need to ask different questions that require the same answers you can use the Dropdown List field to present these options in a neat and quick way.

Drill Down Field

Sometimes you might want the choices to your question to depend on a sequence of selections. Use the Drill Down field which provides this functionality.

Ready-to-use survey templates

You can choose from hundreds of well-designed and editable Online Survey Templates. For most requirements, you should be able to find a template that fits your needs.

For more customization of your survey forms, our CustomWorks specialists can build unique designs for your business.

Build a fully-functional survey form in minutes

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